My First Blog Post – By Faith

Well, here goes.  Starting this blog by Faith.

I ended up staying home from work today.  Sneezing, coughing, achy, head stuffy, weak voice and tired, very tired all not a good combination when you talk on the phones all day.  So I stayed home.  Slept.  Made homemade chicken soup.  Danced a bit to the rhythmic music.  Swayed to the music more like it.  Not enough energy to dance much.  I felt crappy.  Very crappy.  When I can’t dance there is definitely something wrong…  (I Love to Dance.  Oh how I love to Dance.  It makes me happy, very happy)

I texted a friend telling her all my woes.  She said “Well quit it”

Wow.  Who knew three words could make such a difference in my day.  I did just that.  I quit it.  As simple as that, I just quit.   “I’m starting my blog now”  and here I am.  I’ve never considered myself a writer.  Although I have many, many journals from over the years.  So, I guess I have always been a writer.

I am Learning to Love Myself.  Thus, the blog theme…  I am learning what I love to do.  I am learning to do the things I love to do.  I am learning to be Courageous.  I Love being Courageous now.  I am addicted to finding some Courageous thing to do every day.  Some days more than one!  I am getting addicted to many things.  Sunrises, Sunsets, Love – Unconditional Love.  Yes, I am now feeling unconditional Love for those around me.  Me, the judging one.  I changed.  You can too.  You can change anything about yourself if you want to.  Really want to.  Do not change for someone else.  That never works.  It can be a temporary change, but nothing really changes unless you determine to change deep within your Soul.  I was not happy with me.  So I determined to change.

My first change a few years ago was to loose weight.  My 3 D’s were: Desire, Determination and Dedication.  The Metabolic Research Center in Colorado Springs assisted in my weight loss and was suggested by a friend at work.  Since that determination, I have lost 53 lbs. and feel great.  I Love eating healthy now.

You can do anything you set your mind to!  Anything you Really Desire to do.

My second change was regarding Spirituality.  I had a wonderful connection to God or so I thought.  I did all that I was “Supposed” to do and do and do.  If it was so wonderful, why was I miserable?  Don’t get me wrong,  The moments of Walking with and Talking to My Jesus were absolutely Wonderful!  I have a much broader picture of who God is now.  And more importantly who He isn’t.  More about that later…

Wow, I had no idea that was going to be in the first blog…..  Will anybody read any more?  Ha.  We’ll see.  It doesn’t matter.  I don’t care if people like me anymore.  Like what I say anymore.  Like how I look.  Boy is that freeing….  I was such a “People Pleaser” what a prison I put myself in.  Yes, Myself.  It was NOONE elses fault.  It was My choice.  I made choices, some good, some not so good.  All taught me something.  All made me who I am today and I am very grateful for my life and all the people along the way who helped make me the person I am today.  I can Truly say “I Love You, Tammy”  and really mean it.

I Love you, Tammy!  I Really Love you, Tammy!

Learn to Love yourself…  That is my plea to you.  Love Yourself, Dear One.

PS   I have another addiction…..  Assisting others in their Healing process.

Join me on this ride.  Everyone has a story.  I want to hear everyone’s story.  I want my story to inspire others to Determine to LOVE Unconditionally.

Starting with You.  Love Yourself!  Determine Now to Love Yourself!

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