Miracles, Signs and Wonders or Coincidence – It is your choice

This week has been filled with many different feelings.  From everything I described in my previous blog to ecstatic feelings of joy in buying a “New to me” vehicle.

I was Numb earlier this week.  Numb to just about everything.

I am no longer Numb.  My Joy has once again been “Sparked.”

Friday evening started the elevation in my Attitude.  Our team from work went out to the “Fish Bowl” bowling and had a grand time: laughing and joking and bowling.  I had the low score and didn’t mind at all.  haha  Great Friends, Great Time!

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday…  I was trying to go with the flow.  I set my plans in motion.  I had a distance healing session in the morning (Laurie Wondra ~ Yourlifecore.com – Services – Energy work and Balance ~ She is amazing!)  I planned to leave at noon with my sister-in-law to pick up my Mom at the Denver Airport.  Mom flew in from North Dakota to spend 3 weeks with us.  Love that she comes at 87 to visit.  When we returned about 4, a friend was going to go car shopping with me.  Everything planned, my plans.  God had different plans.  These days I just go with it.  I do whatever I am guided to do and no delays anymore.  I have followed guidance for many years.  Now, the guidance is stronger and requires me to react immediately for my best interest.  Everything always works out, even if I don’t react immediately.  The situation just becomes quite uncomfortable if I delay.

So the reason for the title is next – Miracles, Signs and Wonders or coincidence – It is your choice.  Everything is your choice.  What to believe, what to do with your life, how to do it, when to do it…  Make a determination and Do it.  It really can be that simple now.  The world has changed.  Try it and see what happens.

The changes started with Mom’s plane being delayed 4-5 hours.  I started car shopping at 1 instead of 4 and my friend was not able to come with me.  I have never liked going to dealerships in the past and was a bit nervous going alone.  I have always been able to do Everything on my own.  I just don’t want to anymore.  My first stop was nerve wracking.  The salesman was, hmmm, what is a good term – typical older male lacking social skills.  And it took 15 minutes to find the keys to 2 vehicles I wanted to see.  Not a good start.  I almost left.  The first SUV that I really wanted to see was not there as advertised.  The second SUV almost didn’t start.  The third he had to go search for more keys.  When it was time for a test drive, he provided some snide comment.  That was it.  I took back my driver’s license, said thank you and left.  I was So proud of myself for leaving when I wanted to.  In the past, I have stayed in an uncomfortable situation because I thought I owed it to someone to follow through.  Not anymore.  Although, I am still learning.  I still stayed longer than I could have.  I could have followed the signs SOONER.  I could have left when my Angels said “Go” when I didn’t feel comfortable with the salesman and when it was taking so long.  That is what I mean when I said earlier that if I don’t listen right away the situation becomes more and more uncomfortable until I finally listen.

I didn’t know where I was going next.  In the car, I heard “BMW dealership”  That would be to expensive my logical mind said, they won’t want to take their time with a woman looking for a lower priced pre-owned vehicle.  I also heard “2010.”  Hmmm, that was newer than I was looking for…  I went with it. Off I went to the BMW dealership.  Wondering if it would also be an uncomfortable experience and I would go home empty-handed.

I have my rental car until Wednesday, I could go looking on Tuesday and Wednesday morning before work.  My mind was already planning, planning, planning ahead.  I stopped in my tracks as this is NOW.  I am living in the NOW, not planning ahead anymore.  I started picturing all the things I wanted in this vehicle.  2010 BMW X3, blue, low miles, very well maintained, leather heated seats, etc.  I arrived at the dealership.  I didn’t feel nervous, I felt comfortable walking through the door.  I was greeted immediately by Tom Betterson.  What a nice calm spirit I thought.  What a nice gentleman.  He listened to a quick overview of my desires and immediately took me outside to walk around and look.  He was a wealth of information and so very kind.  Very enjoyable conversation!  I felt very comfortable with him.  I gave more specifics of what I was looking for and he lead me right to an X3 that had been inspected, but had not been detailed yet.  We took it for a drive.  I received so many signs that this was the right SUV for me.  Numbers, my Angels show me numbers as guidance.  And also chills through my body as confirmation that I am doing the right thing.  I am Grateful!  So very Grateful!  The test drive went smooth, very smooth, very smooth indeed.  I fell in Love…  With an SUV, yes you heard correctly.  She fits like a glove. Just right for me!  And the lady that traded her in had taken very good care of her, all maintenance done and she is in Excellent condition.  One of my desires.  About 2 hours after the test drive, I drove off the lot with her.  Thank you Tom for being so kind and to everyone at Winslow BMW for a wonderful experience.  I was not expecting to enjoy visiting a dealership (I never have enjoyed it before)  I enjoyed such professionalism and kindness from everyone I met there.  And thank you USAA for loan pre-approval and ease of paying for a vehicle!

Coincidence I’m sure many will say.  I believe all that happened was Divinely guided.  A Miracle and Wonder with signs just for me.

You can enjoy Miracles, Wonders and Signs too.  Look around you for them.  Big or small Miracles.  Look around for them and you will experience Miracles, Wonders and Signs every day!

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