I was perturbed today (Nov 24).  That achy, uncomfortable feeling when something is wrong, very wrong.  It gets worse and worse until it feels like everything is wrong.  Lately, I have been able to snap out of negative feelings fairly quickly.  Not today.  It took me quite a while to release a bit of negativity at a time.

I still danced in the kitchen, danced outside under Full Grandmother Moon.  Even danced at work with Amanda and Melissa.  (Yes, they already know I am crazy… now everyone knows…)  Music and dancing, that is what makes my heart sing.  Music, that is what dragged me out of this perturbed state.  At least long enough to dance today.  I smile when I am dancing.  My heart smiles and sings when I am dancing.  Under the state of joy from dancing, still lies the discontentment of being perturbed.

I tried to be nice.  I tried to listen.  I tried to be positive.  Thought I was being fair.  Then it felt like everything came crashing down around me.

Divorce, it is not a fun time……….

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