The Most Important Sun Rise in My Life

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Today.  Today.  Is the first day of the rest of my life.  Today I arose from bed just before Sunrise – perfect timing – as I have witnessed earlier this year.  Perfect timing – although fear creeped in to my mind.  Those nasty doubts.  What if I miss it.  What if I miss the Most Important Sun Rise of My Life so far?  I must hurry.  I hurried to put my clothes on.  Still Afraid I might miss it.  I knew deep down that I would not.  I definitely would not miss this important event.  Even so, I hurried.  I rushed as I have most of my life.  I ran out of my apartment at my Brother’s house.  I hurried to the spot where I could see the horizon.  The East Horizon.  The Sun was still preparing, preparing to RISE.  I had plenty of time.  I slowed.  I went through my Morning rituals as I waited for the Sun to Rise.  Preparing.  That is what we all are doing.  Preparing.  Many will understand these words.  Many will not.  Those who have ears.  HEAR.  KNOW.  TRUST.  Continue to Prepare in your own way.  It is coming.  I AM Here.

I completed my Morning rituals.  I definitely recommend you determine rituals to start your day, everyday.  “There is no need to hurry anymore.”  I heard.  “No need to hurry.”  My timing is Perfect.  I have Always taken care of you.  I will Always take care of you in ALL WAYS.  “Thank you.” I muttered.  “Thank you.”  I started to feel stronger.  With each step.  Stronger and Stronger.  As I prepared to watch the Most Important Sun Rise of my Life.  She was preparing to Rise.  I was Preparing to Experience Her Brilliance.

That is what Life is about now.  Preparing and Experiencing.

Prepare to Love.

Experience Love.

Help others Prepare to Love. Experience Love.  LOVE.  Unconditional Love.

I watched that Sun Rise.  I felt my heart being restored.  My Broken Heart.  My Soul restored.

RISE & AWAKEN all who are ready.

Listen to these words.

Feel them to the depth of your Being.

You are ready.  You have Prepared and you are Ready.  Listen and you will know what steps to take.  You who are Ready, help those who aren’t ready to Prepare.

Love.  Love Unconditionally.

Prepare to Love.

Experience Love.

I watched the Sun Rise.  I once again determined that “this will be the Best day of my life so far.”  Harsh some will say.  To soon some will say.

God’s timing is Perfect.

I will still have moments, hours, a day of sadness.  We all do.  We all choose how to face these challenges.  We all choose how to LIVE our lives.  We ALL have a Choice.  I CHOOSE to LIVE.  I choose to Live Life to the FULL.  I have mourned the past.  I have released my regrets.  I Hope you are able to also.  Release All that no longer serves you.  Release All that is not yours.  I carried the Burden of someone else for far to long.  Stop trying to carry someone else’s Burden.  It only destroys that which is alive.  CHOOSE LIFE.  CHOOSE to ARISE & AWAKEN.

The Sun Rising Restored my Soul.  A friend told me “The Sun will Rise Again.”  “It will set and it will Rise Again.”  This came from someone who knows.  Someone who has been through much worse than I and made it through.  He is Living Proof that Life can go on.  I have clung to those words each day.  “The Sun will Rise again.”

Today.  Today.  I witnessed the Most Important Sun Rise of My Life.  Today is the first day of the Rest of My Life.  Today I danced in the Brilliance of the Sun.  The Morning Sun.  A modified, subdued Dance.  I Danced.  That is what is important to me.  I Danced.  I felt alive again.  Able to Breath again.  Able to move forward again.  Someone told me I am too Bright to be dimmed.  Others have Blessed me by saying I have inspired them these last months and also years.  I am so grateful God is using me to touch people’s lives.  I am here to Assist others in their Healing Process.  I will Continue.  I will Move on.  I will Remember.  I will not allow this tragedy to Dim me.  I AM A SHINING LIGHT.  I determine to Light up Every Room I walk into.  I determine to LOVE Everyone I meet.  Everyone I see.  I shine Brightly for Everyone to see.


Watch me Shine.

Determine to Shine with me.

You can.

Make a Choice.  Let Life happen to you or grab Life by the reins and determine to Shine.  No matter what happens TO you or Around you.

Shine Baby Shine.  Brighter than you’ve ever shone before.

You can.  If you want.


Today.  Today.  I witnessed the Most Important Sun Rising of My Life so far.

I choose to Embrace this day and Every Day.  I CHOOSE TO LIVE.







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