So Many Emotions…

December 11, 2015  I have gone through so many emotions the past week and half.  Anger, sadness, frustration, relief, joy, numbness and more…

I started to let the situation and people around me affect my life.  I had lost my Joy.  I had lost my will to move on.  I was tired, worn out, depressed.

I now make a decision to survive using COURAGE, HUMOR AND GRACE.  I once again choose Joy.

I choose to Live.

I choose to move on.

I choose to use this experience to assist others in their Healing Process.

Dan, you did not choose Life here on this Earth.

I choose Life.  I intend to assist others in choosing Life.

I will assist you in your Healing Process and in choosing Life if you will allow me.  Email me:

I Love you ALL.

Tammy Joyful

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