Love Letter to Myself

December 23, 2015

My Courageous act yesterday was to write a Love Letter to Myself.  That started out to be quite hard and turned into such a Blessing to me.

Today my Courageous Act is to Post that Love Letter on my blog.  Oh my…..  Sharing my Life with you is wonderful and not so easy at times…


December 22, 2015

My Dearest Tammy,
I Love You So Very Much.  I AM So Proud of you.  You have been through so much this year and have Risen above all the turmoil in a fashion I never thought possible a few years ago.  You have grown in Love and Light and Peace.  I Love the way you Love yourself.  I Love the way you Love others.  I Love how you follow your Divine guidance.  I Love how you have stepped out in Faith to pursue your Life Purpose,  your mission,  your passions.  You have been Courageous!  You Love yourself and care about yourself in a way you never have before.  You care more about what you think than what others think about you. You are speaking your Truth in Love more and more every day.

I Love you, My Dear.  I look into your eyes and see Complete,  Unconditional Love Shining back at me in that mirror image.  I feel your Love radiating out to me.  I Love how you walk in nature and greet all the trees and animals with Love.  I Love how you have started openly assisting people and animals in their Healing process and I Love the results you have seen.

I Love how you have asked for Miracles and are open to receive them.  I Love how a flock of Geese, so high in the sky, flew in a circle for you to see a Miracle and changed directions to fly over you as you took your morning walk.  I Love how bunnies come to your door to accept Healing.  I Love how you talked and listened to the snakes that have come so close to you to teach you lessons of moving on and shedding your old skin – transformation.  You, Tammy,  set aside your fear and embraced the snakes you so feared at one time.

I Love how you have shared your Heart in your blog, making your Life an Open book in hopes of Assisting others in learning to Love themselves.

I am So Proud of you, Tammy Joyful, for doing the best you can to remain Joyful.  No matter what circumstances come your way.  No matter what may try to steal your Peace.

I AM a so Very Proud of you for learning to Love Yourself.  When you started this journey of loving yourself with Louise Hay, she advised you to look in the mirror and say “I Love you, Tammy.”  I remember how Very Hard that was.  Impossible at first, in fact…   I started with, “I am willing to change.”  Then moved on to, “I am willing to try to a love myself.”  And finally after a couple years, You Did It!  You are now able to look into that mirror and say, “I Love You, Tammy. ”  and Really mean it.  I am So Proud of you.

I Love how you now take care of yourself.  You no longer give too much to others at the detriment of yourself.  Which has in turn allowed you to be stronger and give more than you were able to give before.

I Love You.  I Love your Pure Heart.  I Love your Pure Energy.   I Love your Pure Light, Shining for All to see and accept. I Love how you approach everything from a space of Love.

I Love how you Expect Miracles!  You had the thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if that flock of geese (a second flock) would fly right over my head?” “Wow, look at that, they changed direction and are coming toward me.  Right over my head.  So close I can hear the beautiful sound coming from their flapping wings.  So Very Cool.”    I heard, “Everything is possible now, Tammy, Everything and Anything.  Tell people, What we Believe we Will See.”

Miracles.  I truly Believe in Miracles.  I have seen and experienced Miracles.  I expect to See Miracles.  I Love that you Believe in Miracles, Tammy.

I Love that you can now Love Unconditionally.   Yourself and others.

Even after just writing this, doubts flood over me…  How can this be true?  How can I Love me?  Why do I Love me?  And the kicker…..    Do I really Love me?

The moments I waiver, I take a deep Breath, ask for help and

Choose to Believe.

Choose to Believe I Love myself.

Choose to Believe in Miracles.

Choose to Believe I Love another and another will Love me.

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