My GRAND Adventure Starts Now

January 26, 2016

10 years ago today we moved to Colorado and started our Adventure here.  I would not change any of my Life Adventure.  Especially this Colorado Adventure.  Oh how I’ve Grown by leaps and bounds.  I am Grateful for all the ups and downs and all that I have learned along the way to bring me to this point in my Life. This point of surrender. This point of power. This point of taking complete responsibility and decisions in Creating my own Beautiful life.

Sunday, God presented this new Adventure to me.  An exciting, yet quite SCARY Adventure. He has actually been preparing me for quite some time to take on this Adventure.  He has prepared me to follow his guidance, to Create my own Life.  He has Gifted me with Healing Hands.  Now I am going to step out and combine the two.  I am stepping out in FAITH to do the work GOD has called me to do.  My Purpose, My Mission.  To assist people in their Healing.  To Clear every room I walk into of All Negativity.  Similar to what I have mentioned in earlier posts except for one thing – I left my job today.  My Wonderful, Secure job at T. Rowe Price.  I Love everyone I worked with and the Company itself. I truly enjoyed my year there.  God clearly stated that all I had completed all I was to accomplish at this time. I pray that all continue their own Healing Journey and I am willing to assist, reach out to me. I went around giving my normal Hugs and saying Hello to Special People, they did not know that it was really GoodBye. I will miss the People SO Very much.  I am grateful that I will be able to keep in contact with many of them!

Stepping out in Surrender and FAITH, complete FAITH that God will provide all I need.  He always has supplied everything I need and so much more. I see it so clearly now. How did I not Believe and See it before? I now surrender and have FAITH that HE will provide for each and every moment of my life to come! I am to help people understand that this is now a time of BELIEVE it and you will SEE it! Instead of the old saying see it and believe it. I am here to CREATE my own Wonderful Life I have always Dreamed about.  If you can Dream it, it can become a REALITY!  Believe it and you WILL see it.

My plan is to tie up some loose ends.  Take a few days to commune with God about my next steps. To CREATE my Future.  Then, in a few weeks Start this Crazy, Awesome, Wonderful Adventure.  It will be interesting to see where God leads, whom he has prepared for me to meet. What I CREATE. I am already Looking into people’s eyes and connecting with so many more than I ever have before.  I am looking for opportunities to GREET people to CONNECT with them, not just complete the steps of my day to day necessities.

When I started this Healing Journey, I wanted to Save Everyone, Heal Everyone.  I have learned that I can LOVE them and that might just have to be enough. Some along the way have felt the Power that surges through my hands into their body.  Some choose to embrace the Healing Energy and allow it to change their Lives Completely in profound ways.  Some choose to ignore it completely. (I have to say that although I do not understand choosing this option, that I completely honor their choice) We ALL have a CHOICE. Some accept the momentary Healing and then do not allow it to change their lives, do not seek out more Healing, and do not keep growing and Healing. It IS a choice we all make.

Healing does not mean everything gets EASY instantly.  Healing can be difficult.  Releasing can be difficult.  Accept God’s provision or turn it down. HE has abundant LIFE ready and available to all who ask.  Ask and you shall Receive, HE tells us. I pray more start ASKING and RECEIVING. Even though it can be a difficult Journey, it is SO VERY worth it.  FREEDOM AWAITS on the other side of the difficulty!

I had some lofty visions and dreams about others joining me on this Journey. Buses of people engaged in the Healing process of all we meet. Together in community Traveling the Country, the World – Healing. Others are not ready yet. Maybe someday, maybe not. I have learned that This is the time for me! I now set off on my own. I can wait no longer. I have a Mission, I will SERVE. Here I am World. I am Ready! Let’s get this Party started. I am adopting my sister’s motto: Pick a date, pack your bags and just go.

I have prayed for and sent Healing Energy to All my family, All my friends, All that I meet, All that I have talked to on the phones. I have intended that my Presence, my Hugs, my Touch and my Words be Healing to All who choose to Receive. All have a choice to Receive the Healing or not whether verbally or on a Soul level. I have given Freely. All have chosen. I am Honored.

I have learned so much just in this past 6 months.  I have completed my process of learning to Love and be Loved again. I Love myself! I Love others! I now understand the meaning of Unconditional Love and experience it each day. I am filled with Unlimited, Unconditional Divine Love. I choose to Pour out this Love. I Choose JOY. I Choose to see the World and Live Life to the Fullest! One Glorious Step at a time.

I have received so many signs that this is the right thing for me RIGHT NOW.

Then… at 3am…, doubts creep in…  You are a Fool…  You can’t do this… Do this alone? Leave your job? Are you Fucking Crazy?

No! ALL negativity is shed from my Life!

I AM Confident! I am Bold! I am Strong! Here I AM World.  Here I AM!

I AM a Phoenix RISING!

I CHOOSE to move forward with Confidence and Courage!

THEN I go back to sleep about 4 or 5 am and wake rested and rejuvenated a few hours later.  Prepared to take my next step! Preparation is KEY.

My verse for this year: Isaiah 40:31 ‘but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like Eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

I AM SO Very BLESSED with Family and Friends!  I have 9 States on my Travel Wish List so far! I will let you know when I get near your location!  Each day I will wake and ask “What is Next?” And Follow whatever Direction I receive/create!

Thank you for reading my blog and Joining me on this Journey! I feel your Love and Prayers and Presence with me! I LOVE you ALL!

Until next time.

All My LOVE to you, Tammy Joyful

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