Weightloss and Loving Myself

January 28, 2016

A couple of people recently have asked me how I lost the weight.  I was almost 200 lbs. in 2011.  Now I am 144.4.  I have lost 55 lbs., well, more like 70+ since I gained some back and lost it again.  lol

When they asked, I immediately went to the step by step process of how I did it.  I started by going to the Metabolic Research Center and lost 41 lbs. in 6 months.  I drank protein drinks, ate the correct foods together to shed the pounds.  I went to a counselor at the center and changed my attitude toward food.  I made my meal and ate before I made the family meal so I was not hungry when I made their meal.  I had desire, dedication and determination.  Brian helped me by telling me chips and goodies and things I thought I wanted tasted like Kettle corn.  That sent the taste of Kettle corn taste into my mouth and I instantly did not want it as I do not like Kettle corn. I can’t think of others right now.  I know there were more… Mind games. They worked for me.  Along the way I read the book Eat Right for your Blood type.  And so many other books like: The Paleo diet, The JJ Virgin diet, Al Roker: Never Goin’ Back…   I read the books, pick out what worked for me and discarded the rest.

All these books and things helped me loose the weight.  Unfortunately, I gained 15 lbs back fairly quickly.  I lost 35 lbs. after starting at T. Rowe Price January 2015.  They say that people gain the TRP 20 or 3o or 40.  I did the opposite, which was so great. I went for a walk almost every break every day.  I did it to help loose weight, help see foods and mostly because it cleared my mind and enabled me to go on with my day of talking to people on the phones.

The thing I forgot to tell the people that asked how I lost the weight was that

I was able to keep the weight off when I Learned to Love myself.

When I Loved myself enough not to poison my body with foods that do not serve me. When I was able to remove carbs from my life. Carbohydrates do not serve my body well at all. I stopped White sugar, white flour and processed foods. It is funny because when I was so overweight, I did not know what foods were protein.  I did not even know what a carb was.  Everyone is different, everyone needs to learn what foods are healthy for their body and what foods are toxic to their body.

I have shared how I learned to Love myself in other blogs.  I really do Love Myself now and care what I put into my body. Things I eat affect me so much more now. Bread for me causes severe bloating.  Chocolate makes my heart race.  Sugar does too. I now listen to my body and do my best to give it what it desires and stop giving it what does not serve it’s higher purpose.

Learn to Love Yourself!

That is what I recommend as the Best way to loose weight and keep it off.


Tammy Joyful




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