February 5, 2016

Man, I hate FEAR.  I don’t hate much, but boy do I hate FEAR. I hate how it keeps me up at night. I hate the surging through my veins that I feel when the FEAR hits and won’t stop. The pounding of my Heart. That helpless feeling I get when I think there is no way the stressful situation can be remedied. I can’t find a way to “fix” the situation. I can’t stand that feeling. That helpless feeling. I used to go through FEAR a LOT. Stewing in the FEAR, unable to sleep, unable to Let it Go, unable to move on, unable to think of anything else…

I KNOW it is not real, I KNOW it is not True. Why do I fall into this trap.  I know better now.  I KNOW.  Tonight, I fell again, maybe one last time.  One last learning about FEAR. And maybe now I will be able to LET IT GO for good. Just as I am LETTING GO of SO many things. Everything…

A couple times this week FEAR has hit and it hit HARD. About, you guessed it, MONEY. Thoughts of How am I going to survive traveling about with no income to speak of.

And tonight:

1) I could not find an important document I needed, REALLY needed.

2) Money (always Money) a REVERSAL they call it was taken out of my account.  A very substantial amount, just gone.

3) FEAR of being ALONE. Weird, I am usually fine alone.

The FEAR lasted a couple hours(it used to last days or weeks) and now I am writing while the feeling is fresh. The FEAR is fresh in me.  GONE, still strongly felt…

1) So, the document I needed.  Emailed to me a few minutes ago.  CHECK

2) Money – Inconsequential. God has told me SO MANY times he will take care of me and my kids.  I BELIEVE it. I have already seen it and will continue to SEE it.  CHECK

3) Being ALONE? DEEP Breath. I am NEVER alone in TRUTH. I am surrounded by My Angels and Guides. All I need do is ASK for help and DONE.  CHECK

FEAR – I LET YOU GO.  Fear is part of my PAST, not my present or FUTURE. One last remnant. One last parting gift to me.  I leave Fear in my PAST. I Always have EVERYTHING I need. I am Financially free. I and my kids are ALWAYS taken care of at all times. I am Healthy, Whole and Complete. God has promised an ABUNDANT life. This I BELIEVE with ALL my BEING.


GOODBYE fear and good riddens. I will not miss you.

I Thank you for the Lessons.

I Bless you with Love and release you from my Life once and for all.


Tammy Joyful