April 5, 2016

I Love that word “Adventuring!”

Life is meant to be an Adventure! God intends for us to live an Abundant Life and that we live it Fully. To Experience Life. We learn best by Experiencing Life. Experiencing day to day living. Growing and Learning and Remembering.

Feelings can change in a moment. One moment I feel Fearless, Strong, Courageous, Exceptional! The next moment (while typing this right now) I feel Fear, Doubts, Weakness, Inadequacy. A Dear Friend always reminds me at the right moment to “LET IT GO” so now, that is what I do, I Let go of the fear, let go of the doubts, let go of the feeling of weakness and inadequacy. These feelings are from the Ego, not from God, not from our True Being.

I Surrender.

I Surrender all the Negative Feelings and Fears. I step into my Power. My God given Power. I draw upon God, Jesus and My Angels for Assistance to live in this world I have chosen to be in at this Great time in history.

I CHOOSE Love.  Divine Unconditional Love!

Special people in my Life help me experience this phenomenon, this crazy Divine Unconditional Love, I never thought was possible for me to feel. I am beginning to feel it for everyone. It is easy to Love those that are easy to Love. In my past, it had been very difficult for me to Love those that I determined were difficult to Love. My perception was that I was unable to Love them or maybe they were not deserving of my Love or I just chose not to Love them, I am not sure. This Crazy, Beautiful, Wonderful Journey to Loving Myself is teaching me about that “DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” and what it really means. As I Love myself more and more, I find that I can, and more and more Do, Love those people in my life that are Perfectly Imperfect. And as that happens, so do I Love everyone I meet.

This Great Adventure I am on, you can have too. Start to Believe it. ENJOY LIFE where you are. Be satisfied with what is, while also be eager for what is coming. Create the Beautiful Life you Desire.

Visiting people in the Phoenix Area was so invigorating.  Thank you ALL So Much!!

  • I Love visiting with family and friends
  • I Love watching lifelong friends interact and have so much fun together
  • I Love sitting by the pool in the warm sunshine.
  • I Love taking walks in the coolness of the morning and evening

The differences in Arizona and Oregon were profound. Arizona: warm, dry  Oregon: cool and wet, both Perfectly Imperfect. Like people. Like Life. I Loved both Adventures.

Start to listen to yourself. Know what you don’t want. Know what you DO want. Ask for what you DO want. Talk about what you DO want. Know when you are Happy. Know when you aren’t happy. Who am I? What do I want? If you want to do it-do it. If you don’t want to do it-don’t do it — Or meditate until you do want to do it.

Until later…

First Day of my New Adventure

February 20, 2016

Today on my Son, Brian’s 21st Birthday I started my New Adventure!

I have had So Many emotions today. Every emotion possible has coursed through my whole being. Sadness for leaving people, fear of the unknown and unfamiliar – being alone, regret for leaving my former life, guilt for possibly not doing enough, Joy looking forward to the Adventure, Enthusiasm of seeking the unknown, pride for stepping up and having courage, desire to find me, hope for healing my Heart and my Life.

The last few days were especially hard finishing paperwork, trying to finish cleaning out the basement and organize things I want to save.  It was very hard saying “See ya Later” to people.

People came over this morning to pickup furniture. It was very difficult watching the furniture leave the house. I am so grateful it is going to wonderful people that I Love. It was hard, very hard. The emptiness of the house screamed at me. I sobbed. I Loved that furniture. I Loved that House. I Love the memories. So many good memories to keep safe in my Heart. Time… Almost 10 years spent in that house. Our Home. Almost empty now.  Many things remain in the basement to take care of when I get back before closing on March 18.


April 4, 2016

I’m writing in my blog again!  It has been quite awhile since I have been able to post to my blog…  I have definitely been through the gamut of emotions these last few months.  Daily ups and downs…

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Arizona and Oregon.  It was so good to get away from the craziness of cleaning out the house for awhile. It is a Very draining process.

Sedona was Beautiful and Amazing.  It is said to be one of the most spiritual places in the world. I highly recommend Mark Griffon of What an Amazing 2 days I had with him and Laurie Wondra,

I arrived in Sedona Sunday Feb. 21 later afternoon and was able to have Supper with Brenda and Terry Ault.  I was so happy to be in Sedona at the same time as they were there from Minnesota even just for the evening.

Monday morning Mark, Laurie and I went out on the land in Sedona. We went to some of the most famous and powerful vortexes, including: Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Seven Pools and the Airport Vortex.  A vortex is a place in nature where the earth is exceptionally alive with energy. We also went to Red Rock Crossing and the Amitabha Stupa. The ceremonies and time spent together was so enriching and powerful. I experienced great releasing of the Old in order to create room for the New.

Some experiences I had:  I went back to the Airport Vortex by myself. I listened to the birds who were leading my way down the paths. I followed them as they moved from tree to tree. The birds stopped and kept singing and singing from the same spot.  I looked up and saw a Bobcat, so beautiful and serene. It looked cautious at first, then closed it’s eyes as if dozing on and off. We exchanged Beautiful, Loving Energy. So Peaceful. Pictures are on my fb album. I was so honored, so blessed. I also went back to Red Rock Crossing. While sitting by the river you can look up at Cathedral Rock. I Love hearing the water flowing. Cleansing all it touches physically and verbally. Again, birds led me in the direction to go to get to the river.  I had started off one way. They kept chattering and chattering very loudly until I turned around and went toward them, which was the other way. I don’t know where I would have ended up if I had kept going the wrong way… Thank you Birds! I so enjoyed my time spent by the rushing river, looking up at Cathedral Rock, So very Peaceful. On the way back to my car, I again started down the trail in one direction.  The Horse tracks on the trail, clued me in that I needed to turn around and go the other way. So grateful I was paying attention to signs given to me. I wouldn’t want to be on the trail after dark…

Cathedral Rock taken from Red Rock Crossing
Cathedral Rock taken from Red Rock Crossing
The Bobcat
The Bobcat

All Life is an Experience.  Enjoy Each and Every Moment. Pay attention to Everything around you. People, situations, animals, tracks are all speaking to you. Allow Wonders and Signs and Miracles into your Experience!

My Recommendations to myself and to you:

  • Decide what you want and direct your energy to it
  • Expect and Recognize Miracles and Wonders that occur each and every day
  • Share your Gifts, Make a difference in the world – go forth and shine your light!
  • Follow your Heart and Intuition
  • Open your Heart Completely, even when you may be hurt
  • Share Divine Unconditional Love
  • Have Faith that All is Well
  • Know that everyone has a different Perspective – Everyone can see everything differently
  • Forgive yourself and Forgive ALL others
  • Leave Nothing Unsaid

It is getting late…

More later about AZ, OR, coming back to CO and closing on the House.

Night Night!