Further on my Journey toward Unconditional Love


It has taken me 3 years to release the extreme hurt, pain, anger, frustration and every other emotion to get to this place of Love.

My estranged husband, Dan, committed suicide 3 years ago. He was a Military Veteran of 26 years. After he retired from the military, he could not figure out how to be part of our family. Actually, he never could figure out how to be part of our family, the military was his first family. His father had also been in the military and was a Police Officer, so Dan’s whole life was spent in that strick, harsh military mentality. Love was not something he or his father knew how to give or receive.

Yesterday, his Birthday, I was able to forgive him for emotionally hurting me and his kids so deeply all the years we were married. To sing him Happy Birthday. To honor him for the years we spent together. For the Beautiful children we had together.
To tell him I Love him.

My journey toward Loving Unconditionally continues.

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