About Tammy Joyful Life Transformation

Here I AM.  I AM Tammy Joyful.


It is my Purpose and Mission in Life to Assist You in their Your Healing Process. To Assist in Transforming your Life in ways you never imagined possible. To help you Align back with Source, God and utilize that energy available to you.  To Clear any Negativity or “Anything that No Longer Serves You” from your life, so you are better able to Heal Yourself and further Transform your own Life.  And My Favorite: To learn to LOVE yourself again and be truly JOYFUL.

Animals hold a Special place in my heart.  I am able to Assist in Healing, Clearing and Transforming your Pets lives also.

You may reach me to request a Life Transformation Session at TammyJoyful@gmail.com. I perform sessions with you in the comfort of your own home, me in my Office in Colorado or wherever I may be Adventuring at the time. 🙂

Ways we can connect for Sessions:

  • Phone
  • Zoom-if you’d like a recording of the complete session
  • Messenger phone call
  • Messenger: You send me written information, I email a recording*
  • email: You email me information, I email a recording*      *approx 20 min

Sessions are approximately 45-60 min. $100 per session.
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May you find Words of Encouragement and Empowerment in my Blog: My First Blog Post – By Faith or TammyJoyful on Facebook — If you send a Friend Request, please send a private message referencing my Website or Blog, so I will recognize you!

May my Energy, Words and Hugs Assist You!

Sending you SO MUCH LOVE!  Shine On My Friend!

Until we CONNECT,   Tammy Joyful


Life Transformation Specialist
Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master
Animal Healing/Communication
BodyTalk Access
Website Development

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