Am I a Healer?

January 1, 2015

Hello New Year!  I welcome you with open arms.  I have to say 2015 was a bit tough.  I am ready for a year of Miracles.  A year of Abundance.  A year of Happiness.  A year of Dancing and Singing.  A year of Love, Unconditional Love.

I am so Blessed and people say they want to be me.  After all, I am Tammy Joyful.  I dance and sing and choose to be joyful.  Most of the time…  I have to say, I fall into bouts of self-pity and depression.  Not wanting to live anymore.  Yes, I have contemplated suicide more than once in my life. More than once in the last month.  I don’t want to do all the things I have to do.  I don’t want to face the things I have to face.  At times, I don’t want to go on.  I want to take the “easy” way out as Dan did.  Why couldn’t we work?  Why couldn’t I live that life?  Why don’t I want to live this life now? Why do I want to call it quits…  This after I just wrote a “Love Letter” to myself. How can I shift so drastically, so suddenly?  Do you?  Does this happen to you to?

The roller coaster of Life is getting milder I have to say.  These bouts of depression used to last months, even years.  Now that I have gone through MUCH Healing, they only last days or even hours if I am determined to move on.   And most of the time I am determined.  Determined to Move On.  To be Joyful.  To be Happy. I Am Thankful for my continued Healing. I thought “A Healing” would “fix” me.  I was So excited for my First Healing Session, I was sure God was going to Heal me Completely in that hour.  When it didn’t “fix” me I became depressed again and went into self-pity mode.  “Why didn’t God want to “Fix” me? What have I done wrong?” Since then, I have learned that Life is a Continuous Healing Journey.

I choose to Move On in 2016.  I choose Joy!  I choose to remove all the clutter from my Life.  All the clutter from my Mind.  I choose to LEAVE depression behind me in the PAST.  I choose to LEAVE suicidal thoughts in the past.  I choose once and for all to unwind the mess inside me and Move on to the Mission I have been called to. I choose to remove from my Life all that no longer serves my Highest Good.  All that is holding me back. I determine to choose a Life of Abundance.  The Abundant Life God has promised us all.  I choose to serve God by serving people. Allowing God’s Unlimited Divine Power to surge through me to others.  To assist others in their Healing process, their Healing Journey. To help others along their OWN path.  To assist others in connecting to God, their DIVINE SOURCE.

Yes, I can connect to that Divine Power, Love, Energy.  Oh and when I choose to tap into it, how GLORIOUS.  What a GIFT I have been given.  I can’t even begin to describe how GLORIOUS it is.  In Truth, I am continuously CONNECTED to DIVINE. When I allow the Energy to flow through me to others the connection intensifies. I cannot describe how GOD uses me to clear, align and shift others back to HIM. Back to their connection to UNIVERSAL SOURCE.  I see their distressed eyes before beginning a session. I feel their distressed bodies.  I unwind the mess inside of them and Love seeing their clear, joyful eyes when the session is over.  What they say is Wow, That felt So good.      What did I do? I assisted them in connecting to their HIGHER SOURCE. Every person is different.  Every session is different. One thing remains the same.  I remove the blocks and connect people to their HIGHER SOURCE.  To GOD.  I help REMIND you of who you are. Allow you to re-focus on your Own Path.  To Move On as I am Moving On.  To continue your Own Healing in this Journey of Life.  As I continue with my Own Healing.

Am I a Healer?  You decide. I Love this definition of a Healer by Jeff Foster:  “A True Healer does not heal you; she simply reflects back to you your innate capacity to heal. She is a reflector, or a loving transparency.”

Do I Heal you?  No.     I Align, Clear and Shift you back to DIVINE SOURCE so you REMEMBER how to Heal yourself.

I rejuvenate Healers to REMIND you of who you are, to re-focus your energy, to lift you to a higher frequency to better assist your clients.

This is who I AM.  This is what I DO.

Tammy Joyful

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